Spring is the season of rejuvenation and growth; the time in which we break out of our winter ruts and welcome new beginnings. For many, spring is also the time in which we bring new life into our homes.

Whether you are looking to renovate your home or retouch a room, there are some fresh new elements, accents, and color palettes you won’t want to miss this season. The Spring 2017 forecast for interior design is looking bright. Below we share the six most inspiring and budget-friendly interior design trends that are fortifying the spring/summer season.

1. Greenery

It’s time to go green! But not in the traditional sense. At the start of 2017, world-renowned color experts at Pantone predicted that ‘Greenery’ will take center stage this year. The color, as Pantone describes, is a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore, and renew.” Pairing perfectly with earthy neutrals and other natural shades, Greenery stands as a symbol of fertility, vitality, and exploration. With spring being so synonymous with renewal, it is no wonder that Greenery was named among the top interior design trends this season. And being a warmer and more subtle hue of green, it is easy to introduce into the home. For those looking for a quick and simple update, try adding a tall leafy plant into your everyday décor. Take a step further by tossing some bright green throw pillows onto your living room sofa. If you’re looking to make a bigger impact, apply funky, patterned wallpaper or paint an accent wall with a bright Greenery shade.home design trends 2017

2. Bringing Natural Elements Indoors

After what felt like another long (though mild!) New England winter, we’re all ready to get back outside. This season, however, many will also look to bring the outside in. In efforts to reconnect with nature and revitalize the home, raw and natural materials will become the must-have design elements this season.

Plants will be among the most popular decorations this spring, and experts predict they will inspire neutral and botanical color palettes throughout the entire home. Wood will also continue to hold its presence as a top interior design trend, but will be combined with more elegant materials like brass, marble, and velvet to counterbalance its raw surface.

To introduce natural elements, you can start by getting outside – collect branches, gather flowers, pot plants and find homes for them indoors. For more major design changes, consider adding natural finishes and furniture into your home.

Rustic, wood-grain finishes, as seen in the Trinnell bedroom set above, will remain a constant this season and beyond.

3. Brushed Brass, Bronze, and Aged-Gold

Golden metallics like bronze and brass are classic elements that can immediately warm up a space. While these metals have remained a consistent interior design trend for some time, designers will be leaning more towards brushed brass, satin bronze, and aged gold pieces this season (rather than the traditional polished look). These muted, more subtle finishes pair well with a myriad of styles and palettes, and are also on our radar this spring.

Merged with natural finishes like wood and marble, metallic accents complete the eclectic look that interior experts are obsessing over this year. You too can get this same designer look, but subtract the high price tag: Complement your existing wooden kitchen cabinets with brushed brass hardware. Wrap some leafy décor around an aged-gold candleholder to create a stand-out centerpiece. Place a bouquet of branches and baby’s breath into a bronze flower vase. Add a metallic-framed accent mirror or vintage-inspired bedside lamp into the bedroom for an easy, affordable, and elegant look.

4. Nail Head Furniture

A long-standing classic, nail head furniture is being taken to new levels this year – revitalized and reintroduced in the form of storage units, side tables, ottomans, and even light fixtures. Designers are loving the industrial yet luxurious look of nail head accents, which add outstanding patterns to otherwise simplistic furniture pieces.

Think they nailed it with this design trend? If so, consider bringing some modern nail head styles into your own home. Bernie & Phyl’s big hits this season include a nail head cocktail table trunk, a faux leather and nail head accent table, and our personal favorite – the royal and modern Dynasty chair (pictured).

5. Geometric Patterns

Leave room for some noise in your home refresh, as bold, contradicting, geometric patterns will be among the top interior design trends hitting homes this spring. Experts say that Asian, African, and art-inspired patterns with a modern touch will be especially on-trend, with triangles, diamonds, simple lines, and other geometric designs becoming every textile lover’s dream.

Geometric patterns can be introduced to your home in a variety of ways, but all you need is really one or two statement pieces to make a room pop. This spring, look for patterned fabrics that will add the very pop-appeal you crave: bright throw pillows, an unconventional couch cover, or a geometric area rug are all great ways to bring both pattern and texture into your everyday decor.

6. Artisan Furniture and Décor

At the beginning of the year, experts at Elle Décor reported that the once beloved do-it-yourself design is now being outpaced by a demand for high-quality, handmade, and artisanal home items – hand-blown glass, woodworked furniture, and porcelain pieces will start to replace the DIY Pinterest trends we knew so well last year. The home stylists at Vogue also agree that artisan furniture has become a major staple in the home.

This season, look for well-made, one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect both craftsmanship and quality – antique, vintage looks and handcrafted elements are top-of-the-list picks. Not only will artisanal furniture leave you and your guests in awe, but it will also will prove to be one of your greatest home investments, standing by you (and your children) for many seasons to come.

What are you waiting for? Tear down the blackout curtains, open the windows, and let the outside inspire some on-trend updates in your home. For more interior design trends and ideas, or to learn more about the pieces featured in this article, be sure to stop by your local Bernie & Phyl’s showroom. For some more immediate design inspiration, you can also browse our new Spring and Summer arrivals online.

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